Coating Technology


  • 3X Harder Than Steel

    Titanium Bonded®

    Titanium Bonded is not painted or plated, but an application of a unique formulation of titanium and chromium nitride to the surface of cutting blades that actually penetrates and treats the metal to create a permanent bond.  The patented Titanium Bonding process provides the following benefits; corrosion resistance, adhesive resistance and the process itself makes the stainless steel 3x harder than untreated stainless providing a blade that stays sharper longer.

  • Titanium Non Stick

    Titanium Non-Stick:

    Our proprietary new coating bonds Titanium with a non-stick formula.  Highly resistant to adhesives including tape, glue, Velcro® and natural adhesive substances such as sap.  This is a durable micro ceramic coating that will not wear off – up to 100,000 cuts.  It is 5X harder than Stainless Steel alone and will stay sharper longer.>

  • Carbonite Titanium

    Carbonitride Titanium™:

    Carbonitride Titanium is one of the hardest surface treatments containing titanium.  Harder than carbide.  Harder than chrome. Our proprietary process creates a permanent molecular bond with the blade surface.  Will not flake, blister, chip, or peel.  A complex crystalline structure forms which protects the blade surface against wear, staining, and damage. Patent pending technology.

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