Pac-Kit® brand.

In the 1800s The Burroughs Wellcome Company, in its medical manufacturing and supply operation, began packaging medications and dressings into cases for use in the field. Sometimes, very far out in the field. In those early days, some very famous people carried the Burroughs Wellcome Medical Kit, including Admiral Peary and Theodore Roosevelt. We're guessing that one such kit was the first First Aid kit to visit the North Pole. In 1922 the world was a rapidly changing place. Burroughs Wellcome was invited to a forum for a customer who wanted to standardize their medical supplies. Their business was growing rapidly both in terms of the number of locations they had as well as the number of service trucks in their fleet (trucks just having been invented for mass productions). Burroughs Wellcome helped design a system for this customer that standardized all the antiseptics, medications and dressings into small unit-dose treatment packages sized specifically for first aid kits. The new system would provide control over inventory and cost and would assure the employees of having the right items on hand when and where they were needed.

That customer was the American Telephone and Telegraph Company. The new first aid packaging system was the first "unitized" first aid system. Burroughs Wellcome trademarked their new packaging design Pac-Kit. To our knowledge, Pac-Kit is the first and oldest brand name of unitized first aid products. In 1946 Burroughs Wellcome began to divest itself of some of its divisions to concentrate on its core business of manufacturing pharmaceutical drugs. The Industrial Medical division was one of these, and incorporated Pac-Kit into its new corporate name as the Pac-Kit Safety Equipment Company. Pac-Kit was now an independent company that dedicated its business to providing medical and first aid kits to American industry.

In the 1970s, as the federal government expanded its role in the regulation of medical products, the manufacturing of sterile dressings came under the jurisdiction of the Food & Drug Administration. Pac-Kit developed and implemented a Quality Assurance program that has stood second to none in its record of compliance and in manufacturing a sterile product that has consistently met the highest standards. Today, Pac-Kit means trust. With over a century of medical product manufacturing behind it, the Pac-Kit logo stands in front of a history of the highest standards of reliability, product quality, and customer service.


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