First Aid Technology

First Aid Technology

For the past quarter century, First Aid Only has worked to be out in front in bringing first aid solutions to our customers.


First Aid Only has developed a revolutionary first aid system for businesses.

  • Simplifies compliance with OSHA regulations and ANSI standards
  • SmartCompliance® delivers innovative first aid solutions
  • Proprietary design meets workplace first aid needs
  • Easy to monitor and maintain
  • Patented SmartTab® indicator tells you when and what to reorder
  • Order only what you need
  • Customize needs of any industry
  • Select supplies wanted
  • Dispensers reduce pilferage

SafetyHubRequisition App

The innovative SafetyHub requisition app from First Aid Onlyis the best way to manage and refill your First Aid Only Smart Compliance cabinets. Users can quickly create a requisition for ANSI & OSHA compliant first aid kits and cabinets.

  • Create, save, send, and track requisitions from your phone, tablet, or PC.
  • Set automatic inventory/requisition reminders.
  • Manage multiple cabinets across multiple locations with a single app.
  • Assign each cabinet a location and nickname for easy identification.
  • View cabinet schematics and recommended stock levels for easy ordering.
  • Order items for multiple cabinets on the same requisition form.
  • Create and edit a new requisition using a previous requisition as a template.
  • Track and save inventory levels for future reference.
  • Use manual entry options to use app features without a mobile device or scanner.

Spill Magic

Spill Magic developed an absorbent-based slip and fall reduction program we call the Spill Magic “Spill Response System”. It is now being used throughout the U.S. thousands of times every day in national and regional grocery, retail, big box and countless other retail stores; as well as food service & hotel chains, distribution centers, municipalities & industry-specific distributors of all types.We also specialize in developing products specifically to our customers’ specifications. These include hazmat and biohazard cleanup kits.
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